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Just this

Dropping into this moment.

Nothing to achieve. You are already whole.

How is it in your mind right now?

And how is it in your heart?

What is the size of your heart in this moment?

How is it in your body? 

And who is feeling and thinking this?

Welcoming whatever arises.

Just this. Just this.

Just this.

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Between March 25th and June 26th 2020 Jon Kabat-Zinn (founder of MBSR - Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction) held daily meditation sessions to support people all over the globe during the COVID-19 pandemic. The sessions "Cultivating Mindfulness in this Critical Moment" were offered by Soren Gordhamer (founder of  Wisdom 2.0) and supported by John Bashew.  


Up to 1000 participants joined live via Zoom-Online meetings and thousands followed via YouTube.

The recordings were made available on YouTube.


All this was given out of love.

In the dialogue part of every session participants raised questions around mindfulness practice. Additionally they shared their feelings, sensations and thoughts and how they were coping with the pandemic and what it had  triggered in them. They could also share own biographical experiences. Through all this exchange the sessions opened a space to connect in a very compassionate and "heartful" way within the global community - no matter where people called and came from. So the community connected in a profound way.

During this period Jon's 76th birthday was on June 5th. While looking for a birthday present for him the idea of this map arose. In the dialogue part of the retreat Jon was always interested in the location from where people called in and related to that. We named the map the Map of Love as there was so much love unfolding within the community, not in a romantic way, but as a deep and compassionate interconnectedness full of wisdom.


The Map of Love allows people who feel connected with the community to place a virtual pin on an online map and thus taking a stand in their own way to represent the spirit shared by Jon and amongst the community.

It is a gift for both him and the community.

What started as a 13-week-retreat built uncountable connections between participants, started individual transformations and keeps unfolding moment by moment.

Our intent with this website and the Map of Love is to offer a space for the community to facilitate whatever is unfolding. We provide access to the Map of Love, share resources related to the retreat, allow people to connect via the communication platform Slack and get informed about community events.


May this be an anchor and a reminder that our true refuge is in the heart. 


The Map of Love

The picture above gives an impression of the Map of Love. For live view or placing your virtual pin,
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The Map of Love not only illustrates our global community, it can be used to share contact information. If you want to get contacted by people from the community, you may consider entering your e-mail address in your profile. The Map of Love does allow searches for locations as well as for names and other attributes. It may be practical to use the list view to see all entries sorted by name.

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Community Concerts

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We are happy to offer two new series:

Mindful Cooking -
Listening to the Mushrooms

View first session Oct 24, 2020:
Mushroom Risotto

Next session will be live with Mariana from Argentina:
Baked Breaded Eggplant
Nov 14, 2020

Next Mindful Poetry Club
Saturday, Dec 5, 2020

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Here we want to express our deep gratitude for Capucine, Isabelle and Karan,

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who is always here for us.

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