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The community developed in a remarkable way with lots of profound interconnection. This was done by sharing love and compassion amongst the participants, mindful listening in sessions, feedback in the chat, sharing in the breakout groups and many more occasions. As this process further unfolds, we want to support the community with a common platform to share, connect and engage.

We have chosen Slack as communication platform.  It is specialised on collaboration and may be known to some of you already. While the platform needs to provide the means, it is actually about the sharing and the way of engagement. Connecting people to support each other emotionally and mentally in a "heartful" way during this pandemic and further beyond ... It is about sharing, collaboration and offering to the community. Above all, offering to the community, what is really needed, is already transforming all of us and the people we connect with - there are no boundaries anyway. 

The intention is to focus on exchange of topics related to our retreat and to connect people sharing similar interests in a more structured way. We came up with an initial set of "channels", which are the means of Slack to focus on specific topics. Keeping the unknown in mind, there is plenty of freedom (e.g. new channels) to adapt and let the future unfold.







How to join:

Want to join? Send us an e-mail to request your invitation to enter the Map of Love workspace. We will follow-up about the registration with you. Once you receive the invitation to our workspace Slack will guide you through a sign-up flow, and after that is complete, you’ll have access to the workspace.

Once you’re on-board,  the following suggestions may help you to find your way around in our slack space:​

  • Read the Code of Conduct.

  • Message mindfully. Some things to consider: What is the intent of the communication? Can you message in a public channel vs. private to foster a sense of community.

  • Hang out and observe for a while if you are not sure about the tone of conversation in slack.

  • Others want to help you: ask anything in #how-to if you have a question. Also check out Slack’s Help Center if you want to learn how to use this tool.

  • Read a longer version of this Welcome to Slack document, also available in #welcome.


Note on platform:

We will start with a free subscription of Slack. The main limitation is that only the most recent 10K messages will be displayed. Slack is just the technical vehicle, what matters is what is unfolding. We will be reaching out to the community with a poll after a few weeks to get your feedback. We invite you to this joint experience.

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