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Join our Slack platform

Our Slack workspace is here to support you in developing, maintaining and deepening your own regular mindfulness practice. 

How to join:

Want to join? Send us an email to request your invitation to enter the Map of Love workspace. We will follow-up about the registration with you. Once you receive the invitation to our workspace Slack will guide you through a sign-up flow, and after that is complete, you will have access to the workspace.

The following suggestions may help you to find your way around in our Slack workspace:​

  • Read the Code of Conduct.

  • Message mindfully. Some things to consider: What is the intent of the communication? Can you message in a public channel vs. private to foster a sense of community?

  • Hang out and observe for a while if you are not sure about the tone of conversation in Slack.

  • Others want to help you: ask anything in #how-to if you have a question. Also check out Slack’s Help Center if you want to learn how to use this tool.

  • Read a longer version of this Welcome to Slack document, also available in #welcome.

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