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Community Concerts

Coming together within the community to experience a heartfelt combination of music, art and mindfulness.
This is a wonderful way to feel the interconnectedness, sit in the first row in our live Zoom concerts and get in contact with the musicians.

The concerts are usually recorded and will be published on the Map of Love YouTube channel.

Previous Community Concerts

September 5, 2020: 

Solo Cello Concert with Barbara

Jon Kabat-Zinn's message to Barbara after attending the concert is a poem in itself and expresses the magnificence of Barbara's heartfelt gift offered to the community with her excellent playing which was beyond words and is still reverberating deeply in us:

Dear Barbara:


That was truly transcendent. Such an incredible gift to all of us to share the emotional intimacy of all of those beautifully complementary pieces. Humbling mastery shared in full presence, transmitting a sense of effortless entrainment into the notes and the spaces between them, their pressure and duration, delivering us to a joy we need so badly in a time like this. “Thank you” just doesn’t do it. The gratitude and uplift ignited will have to do, for now. Which of course, it does.


Peri’s two guided meditations were just what was called for to imbue our hearing with mindful attending, as the first notes came to our ears within the anticipatory silence.





Here is the link to the recording of the concert including a post-performance conversation with Barbara.

September 26, 2020: 

Leandro M. Polack (Guitar/Composer) & Sofia Derrossi (Multi-Instrumentalist/Singer)

Live from Buenos Aires
















Watch the recording

Friday, October 9, 2020:

Ade, Jonathan & Sophie - “The Cow Whisperers” 

Be gently guided into mindful listening by Judi's lovely meditation.

Live from England, USA and Germany

Watch the recording

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